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This advanced technology offers a range of capabilities that turn leading research into integrated care.

The TrueBeam system is designed to address complex clinical cases such as those in the lung, liver, head and neck, and more. TrueBeam integrates respiratory gating, real-time tracking, imaging and treatment delivery to create a streamlined system. With this integration, you can take advantage of the latest treatment techniques, including SBRT, SRS, RapidArc® and Gated RapidArc®.

Medicine does not advance on its own. We pursued revolutionary thinking, innovative technology and the insights of our customers to arrive at this impressively intelligent solution.
Varian, talking about the TrueBeam with RapidArc®

The Advantages of TrueBeam™ with RapidArc®

  • It accelerates treatment by “intelligent” automation, imaging, positioning and reduction of the number of steps needed for treatment up to 5 folds.
  • It offers more convenience for the patient by shortening treatment periods with a dose rate of up to 2400 MU/minute with FFF (Flattening Filter Free) mode. A Standard IMRT treatment that lasts 10-15 minute normally can be completed in a time shorter than two minutes.
  • A complex radiosurgery operation which lasts from 40 minutes to 2 hours can be completed in 5-20 minutes. It provides treatment processes with a higher performance by giving a higher dose in a shorter time.
  • It enables increase in hitting the target by giving less time for tumor movement during dose delivery that is performed in a very short time: sensitivity of TrueBeam system is less than 1 millimeter. This accuracy is provided by the sophisticated structure of the system which forms a new synchronization level among technologies of imaging, positioning, management of movement, shaping of irradiation and dose delivery and performs accuracy control every 10 milliseconds throughout treatment. As the treatment is continued, more than 100,000 data points are observed continuously and it is ensured that the system maintains a “right isocenter” or treatment focus. This increased sensitivity level enables physicians to treat a tumor inside a continuously moving organ with a high accuracy.

TrueBeam is superior to other methods, because:

  • It is more precise:  it performs irradiation hitting treatment focus better.
  • It is faster:  it decreases the duration of sessions.
  • It provides a higher performance treatment process:  it reduces the number of sessions.
  • It is a technology offering radiotherapy and radio surgery options integrated on the same platform in a more convenient way for the patient.