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Basic and Advanced Life Support

We have vehicles that are highly specialised and are especially designed and equipped to transport patients who are ill or injured.

Patient Transport Service

Vehicles used to transport patients who do not require basic or advanced life support. These are patients who basically need transport

Minimum Cost To Patients

Medical aid members are charged in accordance with scale benefits.  Patients injured on duty (IOD) free medical treatment and transportation

Joint Medical Holdings Ltd

(JMH) is a progressive healthcare organisation where our professionals are committed to providing state of the art healthcare to all patients.Launched by a group of visionary medical practitioners, led by the chairman, Dr Ramesh Bhoola, the JMH group of hospitals and medical centres is a leading, predominantly black-owned independent hospital group with a track record for service excellence and delivery in performance, state-of-the-art health care for all our patients.The JMH Group is also committed to adding value to our shareholders, and exercising our social and environmental responsibilities, within the framework and budget of top class customer service.

Against this background, the JMH Group is committed to the following milestones:

  • The management and staff have pledged to provide you with quality service every day, everywhere and in everything they do.
  • To deliver exceptional service to all our patients.
  • To solicit higher levels of loyalty from doctors while improving our facilities.

Citi-Med Ambulance And Emergency 

E.C.G. monitor, defibrillator, pulse oximeter
Advanced life support drugs and medications
Medical oxygen and transport incubator
Specialized patients management stretches
rescue equipment and extrication devices
Mechanical ventilators
Medical and Surgical equipment and disposables


The JMH Group respects the dignity of individuals, particularly the right to life, and ongoing commitment to providing quality health care in an efficient manner with courtesy.

With a myriad of health care options in the marketplace, patients and clients have access to a private health-care group that is accessible, reliable and affordable, and at all times offering professional service.

This prestigious hospital group provides employment to more than  1300 people from diverse and previously disadvantaged backgrounds, reflecting the demography of a new, non-racial democracy.



May 5, 2021

World Hand Hygiene Day

As part of Hand Hygiene awareness, our dancing educators spent time reminding our Teams of the importance of Hand Hygiene.