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Sub Acute care

At Richards Bay Medical Institute we understand that every patient is unique

We also know that every patient recovers from surgery or illness in different ways. We are all too aware of the pressures that hospitals are under to find beds for new admissions. As a result they have been known to discharge patients too early in order to make space for a new (more profitable) surgical patient. The last thing some patients need is to be sent home before they are ready! These patients need “Sub Acute” care!

What is Sub Acute care?

Sub acute care patients are patients whose medical conditions are sufficiently stabilised to the point where they now require care services that are too complex for treatment at home or as an outpatient. Our world class Sub Acute centre provides programs that treat patients who require diverse in-patient nursing support such as:

  • nursing care after surgery;
  • non surgical hospitalisation (not requiring ICU or “High Care” facilities);
  • medically complex needs that require monitoring;
  • treatment and/or assessment of the patient care plan in conjunction with their GP or Specialist;
  • nursing intervention or support of more than 3 hours per day;
  • additional intense recovery co-therapy services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, respiratory therapy, or psychosocial support;
  • the need for continuous additional and/or technological services (i.e. laboratory, radiology), as well as programmed or supervised pharmaceutical regimes;
  • nutrition, diagnostic, and lifestyle adaptation and plans
  • speech, language and familial support for Aphasia
  • co-ordinated implementation of effective patient case management as well as medical coordination services.

Individuals at the subacute level of care are most effectively and appropriately served by our outcome-oriented interdisciplinary treatment process. Subacute care programs are focused on outcomes of functional restoration, clinical stabilisation. The objectives and goals of our subacute care is the cost-effective and creative use of healthcare resources to achieve maximal outcomes for our patients!