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Corporate Social Responsibility Report

JMH is committed to preserve and promote healthy, happy living and a good quality of life for all stakeholders of our community!


At JMH we understand that to sustain our business we require the sustainability of the PEOPLE in our community and ENVIRONMENT too. Simplicity can make a positive impact therefore the use of heat pumps, energy efficient lighting and the appropriate placement of recycling bins has been effective in achieving this purpose. If nature recycles everything, then so should we. By recycling and re-using we reduce the amount of waste that sits in landfills. This financial year we increased our recycling by approximately 20%. Medical Waste Management is key in Healthcare. We ensure a cradle to grave approach by conducting unexpected site visits with our service providers.


Synonymous with the saving of and preservation of life which is what JMH is about. We believe that the seeds of this profession are our YOUTH, who if planted with quality resources, ease of access to on-the-job training and not forgetting TLC (tender loving care) will grow into professionals that will nurture and maintain this essential profession at its peak. This financial year, JMH contributed to the Medical School Student conference in aid of this cause. We also have injected close to R 2 million into the development of our country’s  scarce resources in Nursing and Pharmacy.


Our Users are members of the health profession that render services to our patients. We are therefore proud sponsors of the annual KZN SPECIALIST NETWORK inaugural conference, where topical issues are discussed and further education provided to our specialists. This ensures that Specialists are kept up to date with latest medical developments and thereby giving our patients the best medical care.


Private Healthcare is an expensive commodity in our Country with at least 80% of South Africans who do not have Medical Insurance for various reasons. Every community has people with and without medical insurance and a very small percentage that can afford to pay cash for this service. Our Citi-med Ambulance service responds to calls for assistance for our homeless, stabilises and then transfers to a healthcare institute, where necessary. Citi-med Ambulance Services also assists in providing communities with on- hand medical care for fun walks, sporting events, etc., when they are available. CPR is a lifesaving technique that sadly majority of our Community are unskilled in. Citi-med endeavoured to educate our community in this skill by attending Cultural gatherings when requested to conduct demonstrations of CPR thereby providing a life preserving skill outside of our doors as well.


We realise that as one becomes older it is a constant challenge to deal with the changes of the body and increased susceptibility to infections, diabetes, hypertension, coronary infections, etc. This threatens one’s independence and ability to look after one’s self which can lead to depression and loss of dignity especially for those that are less fortunate within our community. JMH attempts to alleviate this stress by offering free clinics on a weekly basis at our various hospitals. We have professional nursing staff members who conduct tests and checks on sugar levels and pressure. Information is provided on the prevention, detection and management of these diseases so as to alleviate the stress and promote well-being and dignity. We also participate in Community Wellness Days like the National Zakah Fund where pensioners and the disadvantaged are assisted by our healthcare professionals on education and check-ups for hypertension, diabetes and weight.

Road Shows

JMH goes out of our institutions to public places, like local shopping centres where our healthcare professionals can offer information, education and free testing to the general public. This is effective in identifying early detection of some of the illnesses and diseases that plaque our community in this age. Basic hand hygiene techniques and administration of oral medication are taught and pamphlets provided on how to apply simple changes to one’s daily activities, thereby increasing one’s lifespan and quality of life.

Eyes & Ears

JMH’s intention is to make a visual impact in our community. The eye is said to be the most complex organ in our body therefore to restore the gift of sight is precious. We have been instrumental for years in providing this gift via our INTO THE LIGHT project. This is aimed at the disadvantaged elders of our community via free cataract operations.This financial year saw a spend of close to quarter of a million rands.  We have also been a proud sponsor of our neighbours, The KZN Blind and Deaf Society from early days to present  by participating in various fundraisers, providing professional services to their doctor, etc. Their vision is close to our heart and will remain as such.


Water is not a renewable resource and perhaps the planet’s most precious resource! Sadly KZN has been declared a drought-stricken province due to declining rainfall levels. JMH realises that we have to SHARE this scarce commodity with our community therefore we gladly participated in the recent East Coast Radio Water Share project by donating close to a 1000 Litres of bottled water to the areas hardest hit by the drought.