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Citimed Ambulance And Emergency Services

Caters for anyone, from the critically ill who need advanced life support, to those needing simple ambulance transfers to the hospital of their choice. Integrated services include air and road transport from all parts of the country to any of our hospitals. The system was especially developed to meet the growing demands of all types of Emergency medical transportation in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. This system will help alleviate delays, thus lowering the time delay of transportation of a patient, Allowing professional medical care within the golden hour.


Basic and Advanced Life Support

We have vehicles that are highly specialised and are especially designed and equipped to transport patients who are ill or injured. These vehicles cater for any type of emergency, from motor vehicle collisions to obstetric/ gynaecological emergencies.

The advanced life support vehicles are fully equipped with:

  • E.C.G. monitor, defibrillator, pulse oximeter
  • Mechanical ventilators
  • Advanced life support drugs and medications
  • Medical and Surgical equipment and disposables
  • Specialized patients management stretches
  • Basic rescue equipment and extrication devices
  • Medical oxygen and transport incubator

Patient Transport Service

Vehicles used to transport patients who do not require basic or advanced life support. These are patients who basically need transport to and from residences, doctor’s rooms, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centres.

Minimum Cost To Patients

Medical aid members are charged in accordance with scale benefits.  Patients injured on duty (IOD) free medical treatment and transportation (cost covered by the Workman’s Compensation Commissioner).

Citmed Ambulance Service (Flyer)
ACLS Algorithm for Covid 19
BLS Algorithm for Covid 19


Call Centre
Tel: 0800 333 911

Ops Manager: Rennie Padavattan

Tel: 031 314 3169

Gandhi Mandela Nursing Academy

The academy has proved to be an invaluable investment and growth, considering that this centre of excellence has provided the Group with a quality supply of nurses, and overall the quality of patient care has improved significantly.


Our Vision

To create an opportunity of high-class education for all that are keen to obtain a professional qualification and to upgrade their current knowledge and skills. The Gandhi Mandela Nursing Academy is striving towards being a leading private health care educational institution in KZN through achieving a high standard of excellence.

Our Philosophy

The Gandhi Mandela Nursing Academy believes that each learner is a unique physiological, psychological, spiritual and cultural human being. The Academy also believes that education is based in the development of each learner’s potential in order to provide competent and efficient healthcare practitioners.

The Gandhi Mandela Nursing Academy further holds that the planning and implementation of programmes should meet the needs of the community it serves. The Academy also believes that the educator leads the learner to independent functioning.