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Ascot Goes “Green” In Light Of Drop In Infections

Ascot Goes “Green” In Light Of Drop In Infections

In light of the current drop in positive Coronavirus infections and admissions in KZN and South Africa, Ascot Park Hospital management has made the decision to cease direct admissions of known positive coronavirus patients into our facility and will now only accommodate confirmed negative patients going forward. This decision was taken firstly as a step in consolidating our efforts in caring for Covid-19 patients between Ascot Park Hospital and City Hospital and secondly so as to provide some reprieve to those patients who wish to be admitted to a facility that is not housing positive Covid-19 patients.

Like most hospitals around the country, Ascot Park Hospital has, since March 2020, made many changes to both its structure and operations in response to the Covid-19 pandemic facing South Africa. The changes included among others, the partitioning of the hospital to create dedicated Covid pathways and wards, changes in admission protocols and visiting hours, suspension of elective surgery and creation of areas to nurse suspected Covid-19 patients while awaiting confirmation of their test results.

Our facility has admitted 101 Covid-19 patients to date with over 92% of those recovered and discharged. We have had minimal staff infections with only 7 staff members infected to date, but most notably with no known staff contacting the virus as a result of caring for a patient. Ascot Park has successfully cared for many Covid-19 patients while containing any spread of the virus. This was due to the stringent use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and adherence to strict guidelines for infection control and environmental cleaning.

We have however now decided that it would be in the best interest of patients, staff and doctors that we become the dedicated “green” facility for Joint Medical Holdings within the Durban central region.

As a result, all patients requiring hospitalization will be admitted to a Patient Under Investigation ward (PUI) ward where their Covid status will first be confirmed. Should they test positive, they will be transferred to City Hospital’s 7th Floor Covid ward for further management. The transfer will take place via dedicated Covid pathways to ensure safety to all and subsequently, all decontamination and cleaning protocols will follow. Negative patients will be retained at Ascot Park and provided the necessary level of care that they require.

As we now adapt our facility to “green” we must emphasize that we continue to be committed to all infection control procedures to ensure a safe environment for our patients, staff and doctors alike. We respect that the pandemic may not be behind us yet, and as such will remain vigilant in all our activities being cognizant of that fact. We still have the ability however, to revert parts of the hospital back to red zones should there be an increase infection and consequently patients that require admission.

We are respectful and understanding of the anxiety that patients might encounter being admitted to a facility housing Covid-19 positive. It is our intension that the above protocol may provide some relief to that. Please feel free to contact hospital management should there any enquiries in this respect or if you wish to discuss options for admissions should you require it.