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We have of recent received enquiries from various Doctors regarding the DSP status of JMH Hospitals.We wish to clarify that JMH facilities accommodate patients on most Medical Aid Schemes subject to Scheme rules.  In addition Designated Service Provider (DSP) contracts are in place for the following Schemes:-

Discovery Key Care –  City Hospital and Isipingo Hospital

(Full DSP status)
Discovery Key Care – Durdoc Hospital

(Admission of Key Care patients for Day  Cases only)
Polmed Aquarium Plan (Low Cost Option) –  City Hospital and Isipingo Hospital
Boncap  –  City Hospital and Durdoc Hospital

Bed Bookings:   031 3143226 / 3175
Reception Supervisor:   031 3143080
Case Management:  031 3143056
Hospital Management:   031 3143052


Bed Bookings:        031 9137132
Reception Supervisor:   031 9137008
Case Management:   031 9137163 / 7195
Hospital Management:  031 9137021


Bed Bookings:     031 3275200 / 5157
Reception Supervisor:    031 3275177
Case Management:    031 3275174
Hospital Management:   031 3275150



Bed Bookings:   031 374 8085  / 8006
Reception Supervisor:    031 374 8012
Case Management:    031 374 8009
Hospital Management:   031 3748019

Should you have patients requiring admission who may be on a DSP Network not listed above or are uncertain whether your patient may be admitted to a JMH facility, kindly contact one of the following staff /management at the Hospital who will endeavor to assist you with obtaining authorization where possible.

We are aware that some Schemes have taken a decision to apply co-payments to their members.   We do acknowledge that co-payments may be unaffordable to members and referral of these patients who have had a long history at JMH to a new facility is an inconvenience to both the Specialist and the patient.In view of the DSP arrangements and restrictions imposed by Medical Aid Schemes please contact the Manager or Admissions Clerk if you are experiencing difficulties with an admission to a JMH Facility.  We will assist where possible.

Yours faithfully