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Hand Selected Experts

Our team of leading experts have infinite experience and knowledge in early cancer detection, diagnoses and treatment. With radical advancements in technology, our oncologists are at the forefront of the latest global trends and treatment therapies.

Leading the way through innovation:
Along with the latest in groundbreaking technology and medical equipment, we have been able to revolutionise cancer treatment in South Africa, eliminating previous limitations.

We offer a multitude of treatment options, and specialise in:
•    Chemotherapy
•    Radiotherapy
•    Biological Therapy
•    Truebeam

Cancer Management

Our radical treatment therapies are superior to any other oncology facility in South Africa. With our new Truebeam machine, we can guarantee you a smoother, speedier recovery period so that you can get back to living life.

Caring Staff

All the staff members at Richardsbay Medical Institute are carefully selected and have a wealth of experience and expertise. We journey with each patient during their treatment process, cultivating strong relationships and gauging with both the patient and their loved ones on a continual basis. We embrace our work with dignity, empathy and compassion; always striving for excellence.

Better Recovery

At Richardsbay Medical Institute we understand that the appropriate treatment combined with the support from a family structure results in better recovery. This is why we offer superior yet affordable accommodation for family members, so as to ensure you are continually supported through this difficult time. We believe in going the extra mile for our patients, ensuring you a happier recovery.


Richardsbay Medical Instituteis the first in South Africa to implement advanced international technologies in their screening process.
Early diagnoses and appropriate treatment have a major influence on the patient’s recovery.  Our advanced screening system allows for earlier detection and treatment, thus providing our patients with improved results.


We understand that cancer is not just a disease of the body, but also has severe implications on a patient’s psychological and spiritual well being. That is why our friendly staff offer valuable cancer awareness and support services to all patients and their families during the recovery period.


We provide for the treatment of all cancer types. Our qualified oncologists perform the appropriate treatments with the highest level of dedication and care. Our new Truebeam treatment is truly radical. It is a non-evasive treatment which minimises treatment sessions as well as the processes needed to combat cancer. It operates with immense precision, allowing for the integration of radiotherapy and radio surgery. It is a friendlier and more convenient approach with significantly better results.

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